Call Me Flanny

Queer. Presbyterian. Devilishly handsome. Student. Church Intern. Future seminarian. I’ve been called many things, but you can call me Flanny.

I’m a big fan of getting lost. In my spare time, I enjoy holding signs that say “Free Hugs.” I’m not afraid to tackle the big questions of life: Is butter a carb? Who let the dogs out? How does one reconcile the presence of an omnipotent, all-powerful, benevolent God with the presence of evil in the world?

Beginning in August, I’ll be serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the Philippines. To financially support me in this experience, you can make a donation to the Presbyterian Mission Agency by following this link here and following the instructions. Every donation counts significantly! And of course, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to receive a notification whenever I post something. I look forward to joining in this journey with you!

I firmly believe that I am called for such a time as this–whatever that may look like. I’m Flanny, and this is my attempt to share a bit of my story.


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